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Welcome to As you can see, some things have changed. We decided to just wipe out the old site all together, and are currently building a new one. Instead of putting up a “under construction” page we just figured you deserved to read about what is going on and the updates to the site. So please keep coming back, as there will be new stuff added every day. It wont take long to get this site back up to par. We appreciate the support and promise to deliver you the information that has kept you coming back for years.


Best Car Tint Shop In Boca Raton Florida

If your in South Florida then you know how hot it gets, and that is the reason why getting your windows tinted is so important. Protecting yourself and your car should be a priority to you. With so many shops around it might be hard to find one, so we are recommending two of the best window tinting boca raton companies in town. We have had many experiences lately using tint shops, and some are good and some are horrible. The best ones use really bad materials like film, and their staff is not that friendly. The good shops use the best film, for affordable rates, and their staff is very professional and experienced. We hope to eliminate the “finding” process for you by telling you about the ones we have already used.

The first recommendation today is a fairly new shop in Boca that does excellent work, uses top notch materials, and has quick turn around time. This place gets 4 stars in our book, and should be your go to for any tint work you need done. They will tint your car, truck, van, office, house, and boat if you want. If you choose 2 services then you get an additional discount, which comes in really handy at times. It is so important to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays that the sun produces, which makes tinting your windows a clear cut choice.

The second recommendation we have for you is one of the best car tint boca raton shops and they have been around for years. They have tons of references that you can check out, and they will answer all your questions above and beyond the norm or what is required. They will go out of their way to help you out and get done exactly what you want. We have used them a few times and every time they get it done perfectly. We chose there performance film, which is made by 3M, the best, and it came out awesome. It looks great, clean, and professionally installed.

The last thing you want is to pay someone to tint your windows and it comes out bad. Then you have to pay to get it removed and start with a whole new company. That is why it’s best to go with someone that has reviews from past customers. This way you can see what kind of job they did and what to expect. This post was meant to help you make the right decision when choosing a tint shop in Boca Raton. The 2nd recommendation we gave you can be seen here where you can get lots more information about their service and pricing.

The Best Tub Refinishing Company In Fort Lauderdale

Good afternoon loyal readers, thanks for coming back to read this local business review we wrote today. It’s nothing shiny or spectacular, just a regular business providing great services to the people of Fort Lauderdale. We heard about this company called Resurfacing Tub from a friend of ours who had 4 bathtubs that needed to be refinished or resurfaced and they did an excellent job for them, so the person recommended the company to us. We called them and hired them for a job as well, and they came out to the house to fix up 3 tubs, and what do you know, they did a fantastic job for us too. All I have to say is if you are looking for a tub refinishing fort lauderdale company then you definitely need to get in touch with this company. They do awesome work for a very reasonable and affordable price, that we know first hand. They fixed up 3 bathtubs for us that we have in a house that we have been holding onto as a investment property. The one thing people have always been commenting about is the tubs, so it’s nice that they are finally looking like they are brand new and clean. Now there is nothing for them to talk about negatively when they come see the house, which really helps us out in so many ways. I have nothing but good and positive things to say about this bathtub refinishing company. Now we are recommending them to everyone we know or who asks if we know someone who fixes up tubs. The owner is also really nice and gave us a little discount for doing all three tubs. They are a prime example of a local business that is doing things right and making their customers happy at the same time. Ok well that is all for today’s review, have an excellent weekend people.

An Excellent Review Site For Vape Stuff

Hey all, thanks again for reading our reviews. Today we are going to tell you all about a great site that have been on our radars now for a few months. They like to review all of the latest and greatest Vape equipment that comes out. The most recent one, is the Arctic Sub Ohm Tank Review that lots of people have talked about. I have heard a lot of people talking about this site and I kn ow exactly why. First off, they are one of the only honest review sites out there. This is pretty rare these days because most of the manufactures now send free stuff to all the people who do reviews, and this can cause an honest review to become dishonest. These reviewers now have an obligation to the company so they might just add a little positively to the review and that can make the difference between someone buying a product and someone not buying it. This is why we love the site so much, they do not accept anything for free, no matter what. The reviews they do are 100% accurate, honest, and unbiased, which saves consumers lots of time and most of all money. This is really something that more review people need to start doing. Most of the buyers out there in the Vape World look to see what other people are saying about a specific product before they buy it, and when these guys or girls are getting free gear and making up stuff then it is very misleading, dishonest, and not fair to the Vape Community. If more people spoke up about these biased reviews then maybe the whole process would change. However, I do not think that the people getting all the newest free stuff are willing to give that luxury up at this time. Back to the site I am reviewing, basically, if you want a complete, honest, upfront, review of the newest Vape products then you definitely need to check this site out. They had a few hundred reviews live a week ago but yesterday they took all but one down to redo the site. Just keep checking back with them because they should be finished with the new design in the next few days, and maybe over the weekend. This is the one site I can go to that I know will keep it real. They do not benefit in any way from reviewing products, and they do not benefit if you actually buy the product. They are simply here to help out consumers who need advice on what product to buy and what product to stay away from. Here is a link to their site so you can check it out now. There is only one thing  can promise you and that is this, whatever you read there will be 10000% truthful and that I can guarantee you. The one thing I do have to say is this, facts are facts of course, but opinions are not ans those I can not vouch for obviously. So that is it girls and guys, check them out now.

They also have the latest and greatest E Juice flavor by One Hit Wonder called Magic Man. They released this E Liquid at ECC 2016 in California and it got great reviews from the people who tried it there. Now it’s available to the public to purchase and this company has it for very cheap right now. You can reserve yourself a bottle of this great flavor Magic Man E Juice by One Hit Wonder for the low price of $45.00. Once their inventory arrives it will be going up to regular price which will be around $50.00. That is it for this update.

West Palm Beach Locksmith Company

Today folks I am going to tell you a little story about what happened to me over the past weekend. Let me start by saying that I had the whole night planned for a great night out in West Palm Beach, and it almost came crashing down on me. So I headed out, picked up my friend, and we left to head down south. We arrived at the first location and we went inside. I had a few drinks, but was not drunk yet. My friend had a few as well. We got up to leave the first place, and head to the second place on our list for the night. I reached in my pocket to get my keys and realized that they were not there. My first instinct was to go back inside and see if they were at the bar, or if someone turned them in. Well, they were not inside and I was a little bummed out at this point. So I headed back to my car where my friend was waiting, and I then thought that I must of locked them in the car. So I turned the flashlight on my phone on, and started to look inside the car. Bam, there they were, right on the drivers seat. I then realized that I was not a locksmith, and needed to get one out to where we were ASAP, if we were going to keep the night alive. So I started to call locksmiths in  the area, and finally found one that was close by and that was reasonably priced. I agreed to his terms, and told him to come out. He got there about 20 minutes later and proceeded to start to enter the car. This only took him a few minutes, and I paid him and that was it. The whole process was rather painless, and a half hour later that whole thing was over and done. I am writing this post to tell people about this awesome locksmith in west palm beach which you can find out about here – and you can read about the company and how they work. That industry has been known to be a little rough around the edges, so I thought this could possible help a few people out the next time the get locked out of their house or car. They will do a good job, give you a fair price, and not damage your locks at all. Hope you enjoyed this post, and have a fantastic day!

Are You Looking For The Best NYC Moving Companies?

Today I will be telling you all about a moving company I used a few months ago in the city of NYC. They did such a great job that I decided to write about them today. Kinda like all the other posts on this sites lately. Here goes.. So I decided to move about 8 miles away, and needed a reliable and professional moving company to help me out. I had 3 full rooms to move, with some misc. furniture as well. I started this whole process by searching on Google, Yahoo, & Bing for ” moving companies nyc ” to find the best and most reputable moving company around town, and I found so many that I didn’t have a clue how to pick one. I decided to call a few of them just to see how the process works, what the cost would be, and how much time in advance they needed to prepare. Out of the 5 companies I called, only 3 were willing to spend 10 minutes with me on the phone. This made my life much easier because I was able to cross them right off the list I made beforehand. After the phone calls I decided to have the 3 Moving Companies come out to my house so they could give me a real estimate that would not change once the move started and they get there on moving day. They came on different days so that they did not overlap and come when the other company was here. After that was finished I took out all 3 quotes and compared them to each other. One company had much better pricing and it seemed that their services were better then the others. In addition, this company also was considered “Green” which means that they only use special fuel in their moving trucks, they use plastic containers to put your stuff in, and a few other things that are great for the environment. I finally decided to pick this moving company and called them up to set it all up. I paid them in advance, told them the date of the move, and that was it. Now all I had to do was put my special stuff in my car, so that there was not even an opportunity for them to break or misplace it. Moving day came and they got thee on time. They started to wrap up my stuff, which I noticed they didn’t use that bubble wrap, but instead some recycled stuff that was environmentally friendly. Once they were done wrapping and packing everything into their truck we were off to my new house. We got there about 20 minutes later, and they asked where I wanted everything. I told them and they started. It only took them about 45 minutes to unload everything and put it where I wanted. And that was it, the move was over. I tipped them and they left.

This moving company is by far the best I have ever used in my life. They did such a great job I decided to write this post about them. I have recommended them to about 5 friends so far and all of them have been extremely happy with their services. I have even gotten gifts from all of them. Now I will tell you the awesome NYC Moving Company I used, the name is Serenity Movers and this is their website = for you to check out if you are planning on moving soon, or know anyone who is. I wrote this blog post not only for the company, but I thought that at least one person might be moving in the NYC area soon, and from my experience it was a little overwhelming to have to make that choice on which place to use. So this is for you if you are moving, or just want a good read. Thanks for visiting my site!

Just so you all know, this company did another moving job for us a few days ago and again they did a fantastic job. The job was not that big, but there was a lot of stuff to move and they did it in record time. This is by far the best and most reliable NYC Moving Company out there that you could find. They charge very affordable rates and have the best service we have ever seen. If you are in the NYC area and are planning on moving soon then we highly suggest checking out these guys for your next move.

How To Get The Best High Pr Backlinks

How To Get The Best High Pr Backlinks? Well today I am going to reveal how I got them and where I got them from. I know this topic has been discussed a thousand and one times before, but in reality these high pr backlinks are extremely important for you and your site to succeed in the online world. When I started my sites up I was clueless how to go about getting these, so I looked everywhere I could and found absolutely nothing in regards to actually obtaining them. So today i am going to tell you where I did get them, and how much they helped my site climb to the top safely and in a short amount of time. I want to stress that authority and PR and the 2 keys to success, and I was able to find them both by getting in touch with this awesome company that provides these to people like me. I first contacted this company that was supposed to be the best around, but what I found was not that high quality and not something i was interested in getting myself into. I then spoke to another company that seemed great, and their prices were very reasonable as well. I started service with this company and before I knew it I had some very powerful and authoritative links pointing to my site. I was so happy that I spent more money and more money with them. That is what happens when you do right to your customers, they spend more money and keep coming back over and over again. Now let me tell you about the results I got, within a few weeks I was starting to show up on page 1 for numerous words that I targeted and I was getting steady traffic to my site as this point. I then had to think about how I was going to actually earn money from the site, which is a whole different topic then this one of course. Once I did that I was off and running and everything was all good at this stage of the game. The industry I picked was medium competition, so there was other people targeting this and at some point I did see a few other sites hit page 1, but there was no way that they would ever pass me because of my special links that I had. I know that at some point I was going to have to spend more time and money to keep this traffic coming in, but when that needs work I will handle it. For now I am enjoying the results and money I am making from the site, all while I am sure to follow all the guidelines set forth by the gods of the internet. Keep in mind that i did do my research and did not go with the first company that I came across. I was patient and picked the best quality and best service providers that I thought could deliver the best results over all. I hope this helped you in figuring out this whole link thing, and if you need help then go ahead and contact my friends over at Premium SEO Juice and they will guide you in the right direction.


Boca Raton Locksmith Company

Since we like to review local companies so much, today I will tell you about a locksmith that came out the other day to get me back in my car, which I was locked out of because I was not focused for a minute, and in that minute I closed the door while my keys were inside and it locked. So if your looking for a locksmith boca raton then we found one for you. They proved to be very upfront and honest, which is rare in this type of business. They were also pretty nice on the phone, which again is rare. The pricing is extremely fair, and they use a flat rate system to price and whatever they tell you at first is what the total bill will be. It took them about 20 minutes to get there from the time we hung up until arriving where I was. That is actually really good time considering how busy they were and how far I was from where they were at the time. Once the guy got there it was smooth sailing. He asked about my locks, asked where my keys were inside the car, and he got to work. It took him about 5 minutes to unlock the car, there was no damage at all to my windows or the rubber part that is in between the glass and the metal on the door. Right after he got my keys he handed me his clipboard, I signed, game him cash, and that was it. The whole ordeal took about 30 minutes from the time I called to the time I paid him. That times is unbelievable and has never happened to me before. Every other time I have called a locksmith it has taken at least an hour just for the guy to get there. Then he asks tons of questions that make no sense, and then they attempt to get inside the car. That takes them about 10-15 minutes, and then its another 20 minutes for the paperwork and payment. So from my other experiences to this one, I have to say this new company is top notch and deserves 10 stars, that would be out of 1o just so you know.

I did not get anything for writing this post, nor do they even know about it. My philosophy is that if someone does you right, they deserved to be written about for the public to know and see. Now you know about this great locksmith company called Flatrate Locksmith and here is their site so that you can find out more and use them if you need them in the future. I am recommending them if you get locked out of your car, house, or office, and they wil do a great job on either of those. Give them a call now or check out their site. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Window Tint Shop In South Florida

I guess it’s pretty obvious that we like to write about tint shops that we like, so here is another post for you loyal readers. I recently found another gem, a great window tint boca raton shop that does fantastic work on cars, commercial vehicles, offices, houses, and commercial properties. They use the best films out there, like 3M, Oracle, & SunTek to name a few. All of their work comes with some type of warranty, ranging from 1 years, to 3 years, to a lifetime. the staff their is very knowledgeable, and has many years of experience doing tint work. Since we have pretty much experience all the tins shop in the area, and we know which ones care, which ones do good work, and which ones have good pricing, we decided to do another write up of this up and coming window tint and car wrap shop called Boca Tint N Wraps in the heart of Boca Raton. They have special promotion and deals going on all the time, so most likely whenever you choose to go their they will have a deal for you to choose from. In addition to their specials, they also have a great referral program where if you send someone their, you will get 15% off your next visit no matter what it is for.

They also specialize in Custom Car Wraps, so that you can completely transform your personal car into anything you want. They also do Commercial Wraps, for business vehicles, which is great for advertising considering it is 24/365 for a one time fee for installation and design. Another service they provide is Headlight Restoration, which can really give your car that transformation from a dingy one to a new look. All of their services they provide whether it be Car, Home, Commercial, or Marine, they do the best job possible and take great pride in everything they do. you can check out their website for more information about what they do, and how they do it. Or you can call them @ 561 372-9921 and anyone can help you. Thanks for reading this and have a wonderful day.

Picking A Good Local SEO Company

Ok guys and gals, today we are going to give some tips on finding a good Local SEO Company that will get you the outcome and results you want. First, you have to do some searching on whatever search engine you use, and start typing in phrases like ” Local SEO Company “, and ” Local SEO Company ‘your area’ “, and the like. This should return results from companies near you, that provide the services you are looking for. Finding a good, reputable, and honest local seo company is tough, and can be pretty overwhelming, if you let it. Once you have done the searches, write down the first 20 results you see. This is the list you will be working with. Then you are going to put together a list of questions you are going to ask. This should consist of things like, what industries do you have experience with, what keywords have you successfully ranked before, who are some of your past and current clients, what is your average fee. is there a contract, how long do you think it will take to get results, and so on you can see where that is going. you want to get a feel of how they have done for past clients, and you also want a nae and number for you to contact about their service. If they try to avoid that, or you can tell ti will be obvious, that they are not crazy about the idea, then I would run away, fast. SEO Companies that get results and have page 1 rankings are more then happy to give out the name and number of the company they work for, not only that, they will even volunteer it. So if they do not give you a reference, run away, fast. You will find a Local SEO Company that will oblige. They you want to contact the reference, once you get it from one of these guys. Call them and ask a few questions. Ask if they ranked their site, ask what pages they are on, ask how long it took, find out how friendly they really are, do they return calls, do they honor their word, etc..

Once you narrow it down to 2 or 3 companies, now you need to meet them face to face. This will be the determining factor when choosing the company you want working for you. Remember, this is your website, your online presence, and maybe even your bread and butter. You do not want to put this in the wrong hands, trust me. When you meet, go over some of the things you asked over the phone, make sure it matches what they said. Ask more questions, see how helpful they are, see if it is really our of care and concern, or if they are just out for your money, This should be easy to tell, as hiding facial expressions is petty hard. The last thing you have to do is agree on a price. Most of the time their will be a initial fee , and a monthly fee. As long as you agree on the terms and cost of service, that should be it. That handshake will be the most important part of this process. You  are no longer a voice over the phone. You’re now real, and that is vital when hiring a company in this industry.

Now, if you are in the Florida area, we have the perfect Florida SEO Company for you. They have been working for us for years, and they have gotten us about 50 page 1 rankings so far. We couldn’t be happier with their services, absolutely fantastic work they do. Go ahead and check out their site, give them a call, and we promise you will not be disappointed with their SEO Services. Natural SEO Juice is the best company we have worked with over the past 10 years, seriously. Check out their site here – website

Car Graphics & Printing In Boca Raton

If you’re looking to add some custom car graphics to your car, then Boca360Wraps is the place to go. Their brand new car graphics boca raton shop has the ability to create, print, cut, and laminate anything you want. The new machines they bought are far superior to anything any other company has or will have. Also, they just moved to a new location that is 4 times as big, and added more staff to the team. All the employees working their have over 10 years of experience designing and installing car wraps, boat wraps, aircraft wraps, window tint, and any other print service you can think of. Car Graphics Boca Raton is becoming a very popular service and there should be only one place to go for this, Boca360Wraps. They can print logos, banners, custom carbon fiber vinyl, wall wraps, anything you can think of they can design and print for you. All you have to do is bring them your idea or design, and they will handle the rest. Their team of experts will complete the design if need be, or if it is finished then they will print it, and cut it if you would like. After that if you want it laminated they can do that too. Take your dreams to the next level, get your car customized to have whatever you want on it. Any type of text, graphic  banner, logo, decal, or sticker you can imagine they can print and apply for you.

Their Professional Printing Services are top of the line, and nobody else in this area can compete with the level of quality they can. If you’re looking to outsource your print jobs this can be the solution you have been looking for. By outsourcing your work this will allow you to free up your time to do more of what you can do best. Like building more business and making more money. Outsourcing is becoming more and more popular because if you only offer what you can do in-house, that limits what you can provide to your clients. Let Boca360Wraps handle your print jobs so that you can make more money and provide top of the line products. It doesn’t matter if you’re an independent designer or need commercial work done, they can help out. Check out their site for more information about their professional printing services they provide. You will not be disappointed if you choose them to work with. The whole team combines has over 80 years of experience designing and printing. It doesn’t matter if you’re located in Boca Raton, or Florida, they also provide online print services as well.

Great iPhone Repair Shop In Boca Raton

If you recently dropped your iPhone or somehow broke it then your best bet is to have it fixed by a pro. Do not just bring it or send it to any old company and hope they can repair it successfully. This iPhone Repair Boca Raton Shop is the best around. iPhone Is Broken is the best iPhone Repair Shop in Boca Raton and they have been around for ages. They have tons of experience fixing iPhone’s and guarantee that it will be fixed with no issues at all. They have very low prices and their turn around time is very quick. The service we received was excellent and they are extremely friendly as well. We have nothing but good things to say about iPhone Is Broken and we highly recommend them to anyone that needs there iPhone fixed and repaired. Whether you cracked the screen, or damage the Home button or volume button, they can fix it. When you get the phone back it will be just like new, with no signs of it ever being broken and or repaired. All you have to do is bring the phone in ad leave it there for a few hours. When it is ready they will call you to come pick it up. It was the easiest thing ever. The last time we went there which was about a week ago, one of the employees here broke their phone and we brought it there, we were in and out in 10 minutes and they called us about a hour later to come pick it up. We inspected the iPhone and they had completely fixed it, and we could not of even seen any signs of damage or repairs. They even used that special material that comes on electronics when they are new to cover it from being scratched. It was literally like getting a brand new phone.

We decided to do this review today because iPhone Repair is becoming very popular and it is a great alternative to buying a new phone every time something happens. We all know that we can be clumsy at times, and I am sure that if you own a iPhone you have dropped it or dinged it up at one time or another. This option lets you save a bunch of money, and prevents you from having to use you phone insurance which should be used in a real emergency, like it being stolen or broken all together. So if you are in the Boca Raton area and need your phone fixed, we really recommend going to iPhone Is Broken for the repair. If you mention that you found out about them from us you might even qualify for a little discount. No guarantees on that, but it can’t hurt to try, right? If you are not in that area you can mail them your phone and they will even pay for the shipping. you will have it back in a day or two like new. There is no negative aspect of using them as they are a wonderful company and have a excellent reputation to go with it. We hope you enjoyed today’s review. thanks for stopping by!

Best Local SEO Company In Florida

If your looking to find a good SEO Florida we have the answer. There are so many SEO Companies around that it is almost impossible to find one that you want. Our suggestion is, check out SEOjus for your SEO and Internet Marketing needs. Their Florida SEO Program is fantastic. They have low prices, they have great and friendly service, and they know what they are doing and always get results. We have seen them work on many sites and each time they work wonders. they get new sites to page 1 withing 10 days, they get old sites to page 1 in 30 days, they do it all. We happen to of used their service about 3 months ago. We came to them with the keywords that we wanted to rank for, and the time frame we wanted to see results, and they took this and got it done. Withing a few weeks we started to see great results, and after 30 days we were on page 1 for all of our keywords. It was great to say the least. The company I work for could not be happier. Now we know who to go to for all our Internet Marketing needs, as well as SEO, & Web Design services. We highly recommend these guys to anyone who wants to increase their online exposure, boost online sales, and achieve top organic placement on the top search engines. Many SEO Companies provide Florida SEO Services, but most are full of it. They promise the world, and do not deliver, obviously. Or they just take your money and do no work at all. And the worst example would be, they do work for your site, but they use automated software, trigger a red flag, and get your website penalized which means de-indexing of your site all together. That would be the worst scenario, and happens all the time.

If you want to be sure to hire a Local SEO Company that has excellent local seo services then you need this company, then do some searching for them and read the reviews. Ask the company for references, and current and past clients. If they provide them then great, check them out. If they do not then run far away. this is a big red flag, and you should avoid them at all costs. Even if the price they offer is rock bottom, that’s the type of service you will get, rock bottom. There are many benefits that you get when hiring a local Company. First, you get to actually meet the team that will be working on your site. Second, you get to shake their hand. That speaks volumes, and is the best thing you could possibly do for your company. Rather than being just a number, or calling to sit on hold for a hour, or having to set a appointment just to talk to your rep, you get personalized service, your own account manager, and you should have direct access to them at all times. Search Engine optimization should be a passion, not just a job. It takes skill, technique, and lots and lots of patience. Finding the right fit for your company is most important. Sometimes personalities clash, or just do not mix well. This can be avoided by meeting the SEO Team, and making the right choice on who to go with.

If you happen to be in the Boca Raton area, we also recommend this same company to you. They have tons of clients in this area, are very familiar with all industries in this city, know the competition, and they know what it takes to rank on page 1. You can be sure that if your in Boca, and need a Boca Raton SEO Company, that SEOjus is the right choice. This area has many Internet Marketing Companies that specialize in SEO, or at least try to. Go with someone that you know will do the job right. We are recommending them, so they must be great. Be sure to tell them that you heard about them from, and it might even get you a discount. We hope that this helped you in choosing a good SEO Company, and that you took something away from this. This choice you make can make or break your site. It is imperative that you succeed online, and the only way to do this is by hiring a professional seo team to handle your organic search placement. There is a big difference between being on page 1 and page 2. The top 3 listings get about 70% of the clicks. So even if your #8 on page 1, you are still not getting the most out of it. If your going to spend money on hosting your website, and paying for the domain name, then you should only be thinking one way, do it right or go home. To pay for these things and not be high on the searches defeats the purpose of even having a site. Take our advice and go with these guys, you will not be disappointed at all.

You can find them here

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