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Boca Raton Locksmith Company

Since we like to review local companies so much, today I will tell you about a locksmith that came out the other day to get me back in my car, which I was locked out of because I was not focused for a minute, and in that minute I closed the door while my keys were inside and it locked. So if your looking for a locksmith boca raton then we found one for you. They proved to be very upfront and honest, which is rare in this type of business. They were also pretty nice on the phone, which again is rare. The pricing is extremely fair, and they use a flat rate system to price and whatever they tell you at first is what the total bill will be. It took them about 20 minutes to get there from the time we hung up until arriving where I was. That is actually really good time considering how busy they were and how far I was from where they were at the time. Once the guy got there it was smooth sailing. He asked about my locks, asked where my keys were inside the car, and he got to work. It took him about 5 minutes to unlock the car, there was no damage at all to my windows or the rubber part that is in between the glass and the metal on the door. Right after he got my keys he handed me his clipboard, I signed, game him cash, and that was it. The whole ordeal took about 30 minutes from the time I called to the time I paid him. That times is unbelievable and has never happened to me before. Every other time I have called a locksmith it has taken at least an hour just for the guy to get there. Then he asks tons of questions that make no sense, and then they attempt to get inside the car. That takes them about 10-15 minutes, and then its another 20 minutes for the paperwork and payment. So from my other experiences to this one, I have to say this new company is top notch and deserves 10 stars, that would be out of 1o just so you know.

I did not get anything for writing this post, nor do they even know about it. My philosophy is that if someone does you right, they deserved to be written about for the public to know and see. Now you know about this great locksmith company called Flatrate Locksmith and here is their site so that you can find out more and use them if you need them in the future. I am recommending them if you get locked out of your car, house, or office, and they wil do a great job on either of those. Give them a call now or check out their site. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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