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Are You Looking For The Best NYC Moving Companies?

Today I will be telling you all about a moving company I used a few months ago in the city of NYC. They did such a great job that I decided to write about them today. Kinda like all the other posts on this sites lately. Here goes.. So I decided to move about 8 miles away, and needed a reliable and professional moving company to help me out. I had 3 full rooms to move, with some misc. furniture as well. I started this whole process by searching on Google, Yahoo, & Bing for ” moving companies nyc ” to find the best and most reputable moving company around town, and I found so many that I didn’t have a clue how to pick one. I decided to call a few of them just to see how the process works, what the cost would be, and how much time in advance they needed to prepare. Out of the 5 companies I called, only 3 were willing to spend 10 minutes with me on the phone. This made my life much easier because I was able to cross them right off the list I made beforehand. After the phone calls I decided to have the 3 Moving Companies come out to my house so they could give me a real estimate that would not change once the move started and they get there on moving day. They came on different days so that they did not overlap and come when the other company was here. After that was finished I took out all 3 quotes and compared them to each other. One company had much better pricing and it seemed that their services were better then the others. In addition, this company also was considered “Green” which means that they only use special fuel in their moving trucks, they use plastic containers to put your stuff in, and a few other things that are great for the environment. I finally decided to pick this moving company and called them up to set it all up. I paid them in advance, told them the date of the move, and that was it. Now all I had to do was put my special stuff in my car, so that there was not even an opportunity for them to break or misplace it. Moving day came and they got thee on time. They started to wrap up my stuff, which I noticed they didn’t use that bubble wrap, but instead some recycled stuff that was environmentally friendly. Once they were done wrapping and packing everything into their truck we were off to my new house. We got there about 20 minutes later, and they asked where I wanted everything. I told them and they started. It only took them about 45 minutes to unload everything and put it where I wanted. And that was it, the move was over. I tipped them and they left.

This moving company is by far the best I have ever used in my life. They did such a great job I decided to write this post about them. I have recommended them to about 5 friends so far and all of them have been extremely happy with their services. I have even gotten gifts from all of them. Now I will tell you the awesome NYC Moving Company I used, the name is Serenity Movers and this is their website = for you to check out if you are planning on moving soon, or know anyone who is. I wrote this blog post not only for the company, but I thought that at least one person might be moving in the NYC area soon, and from my experience it was a little overwhelming to have to make that choice on which place to use. So this is for you if you are moving, or just want a good read. Thanks for visiting my site!

Just so you all know, this company did another moving job for us a few days ago and again they did a fantastic job. The job was not that big, but there was a lot of stuff to move and they did it in record time. This is by far the best and most reliable NYC Moving Company out there that you could find. They charge very affordable rates and have the best service we have ever seen. If you are in the NYC area and are planning on moving soon then we highly suggest checking out these guys for your next move.

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