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Picking A Good Local SEO Company

Ok guys and gals, today we are going to give some tips on finding a good Local SEO Company that will get you the outcome and results you want. First, you have to do some searching on whatever search engine you use, and start typing in phrases like ” Local SEO Company “, and ” Local SEO Company ‘your area’ “, and the like. This should return results from companies near you, that provide the services you are looking for. Finding a good, reputable, and honest local seo company is tough, and can be pretty overwhelming, if you let it. Once you have done the searches, write down the first 20 results you see. This is the list you will be working with. Then you are going to put together a list of questions you are going to ask. This should consist of things like, what industries do you have experience with, what keywords have you successfully ranked before, who are some of your past and current clients, what is your average fee. is there a contract, how long do you think it will take to get results, and so on you can see where that is going. you want to get a feel of how they have done for past clients, and you also want a nae and number for you to contact about their service. If they try to avoid that, or you can tell ti will be obvious, that they are not crazy about the idea, then I would run away, fast. SEO Companies that get results and have page 1 rankings are more then happy to give out the name and number of the company they work for, not only that, they will even volunteer it. So if they do not give you a reference, run away, fast. You will find a Local SEO Company that will oblige. They you want to contact the reference, once you get it from one of these guys. Call them and ask a few questions. Ask if they ranked their site, ask what pages they are on, ask how long it took, find out how friendly they really are, do they return calls, do they honor their word, etc..

Once you narrow it down to 2 or 3 companies, now you need to meet them face to face. This will be the determining factor when choosing the company you want working for you. Remember, this is your website, your online presence, and maybe even your bread and butter. You do not want to put this in the wrong hands, trust me. When you meet, go over some of the things you asked over the phone, make sure it matches what they said. Ask more questions, see how helpful they are, see if it is really our of care and concern, or if they are just out for your money, This should be easy to tell, as hiding facial expressions is petty hard. The last thing you have to do is agree on a price. Most of the time their will be a initial fee , and a monthly fee. As long as you agree on the terms and cost of service, that should be it. That handshake will be the most important part of this process. You  are no longer a voice over the phone. You’re now real, and that is vital when hiring a company in this industry.

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