There is a better IM device than this! It's called the K-Byte Zipit Wireless. It uses WiFi? (802.11b/g), supports AOL, Yahoo, MSN, and there are NO fees to use it either. It runs linux, and can be hacked to add more features in the future. There is a streaming music update (FREE too) comming in the first quarter of 2005. Send your friends a link to this page if you think they could use the ZipIt!

Please support my programming effort with the ZipIt and IMFree by using the link to the right if you choose to purchase one.

ZipIt Links

embedded linux page on the ZipIt
ZipIt GNU/Linux sources

Now back to the IMFree...

What is it?

Well, its a wireless instant messenger using the 900mhz range. It is NOT WiFi?. Sorta like having a wireless pda to chat on away from your computer. The model number is MX240a or just MX240.

What does it look like?

Click for larger picture

Another Picture (Large)

Why do I care?

Currently, there are no linux drivers or software for it. I want to get this device to work in linux and use perl to communicate with it. The software that comes with it runs on almost all windows versions but only lets you use AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) I plan to write software for it that will let you chat on irc, msn, yahoo, aim, jabber, . ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Who wouldn't want one of these with all these features?

Why stop could ssh/telnet with it, or write and check your email, or even control winamp from your bed or couch.

Where can I get one?!

  • Walmart is selling them for $49.33 $34.94 USD: [Walmart Store] (Out of Stock)
  • You can also check with your local Walmart or computer store like CompUSA?. At my local Walmart, they are $25.

How can I help?

  • If you can write C very well, or know how to write linux/windows HID drivers, then please ContactMe

  • You can buy something on my Amazon Wish List by clicking on the link to the bottom left of this page.

What if I want to be notified of your progress?

Create an account on the [IMfree messageboard]. I send announcements to all members.

Should I ask my computer savvy friends to help?

Yes! I need help from developers with USB programming experience, maybe you know someone that could help?

Who are you?

I am Xantus


I created the [IMfree messageboard] to discusss the project.


Using Microsoft Windows without a linux firewall is like wearing glass armor