Resume of David Davis

San Francisco, CA, USA

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xantus -at- teknikill -dot- net, ContactMe


I would like to obtain a challenging software developer position.


I not available for full time employment, but am available for contracts.

Work Experience

Oct 2005-Present / Six Apart / San Francisco, CA

Software Engineer
  • OO Javascript and AJAX

Aug 2004-Aug 2005 / Dataport / Eastern WA

Perl Programmer
  • Created a scalable conference call recording system written in Perl, POE, and Voicetronix 4 port phone hardware.
  • Created a web site using mod_perl and the Mason template system. Details on the project are confidential.
  • Created an mp3 streaming mod_perl server that allows seeking on a live stream.

Feb 2001 – Dec 2003 / Smooth Corporation / Bellevue, WA

Senior Programmer
  • Created large multi-domain e-commerce website system using PostgreSQL, mod_perl, and Apache. Smooth Corp. is a flooring resale company.
  • Built, maintained, installed and setup servers running Red Hat Linux.
  • Created a fast shipping calculation system that aggregated data in parallel from USPS, UPS, FedEx?, Roadway, Conway, and many others.
  • Built a software PBX system using Asterisk with locations in Canada, Florida, Washington, and the Philippines.
  • CEO, COO, and supervisor references available.

2000 – Feb 2001 / Sweepstakes Online / Tacoma, WA

PHP and Perl Programmer
  • Created a targeted advertising system.
  • Created the front and back end systems to maintain sweepstakes systems.
  • Created a tracking system that tracked all sweepstakes entries on remote sites.

1996 – 2000 / US Army / Georgia - South Korea - Fort Hood, TX

Communications Supervisor / Technician
  • Maintained 100% accountability for hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment, including encryption keys for the battalion.
  • Maintained [FBCB2] systems for the Army’s Task Force 21. Each vehicle had a complex computer and radio network system running Solaris.
  • I received 2 Army Commendation Medals (ARCOM), and 4 Army Achievement Medals (AAM). I have a secret security clearance.
  • I received an honorable discharge after four years of active service. My rank is Specialist E4, and my MOS is 31U (Signal Support Systems Specialist)

Software Experience

Many years experience with
  • Perl (8), mod_perl (4), PHP (5), JavaScript (7), OO Javascript (2), AJAX (2)
  • [POE] (4), [Asterisk PBX] (3), Mason (3)
  • HTML (8), MySQL (8), PostgreSQL (4), YAML (2), XML (3), DBI (8), Perl XS (1/2)
  • RSS (3), CSS (3), CVS (3), [SVK] (2), Subversion (2)
  • Sendmail (5), Exim (4), Win 9x/NT/2000/XP (9+), Debian/Ubuntu? (3), Apache (8)
  • Red Hat (5), UPnP (1/2), Trac (1)


I am active in the open source community. I have released some of my work on [CPAN], including projects on I always use strict, and most of my work is object orientated. I’ve written some unique programs such as an MSN messenger server, client and a proxy, and an FTP server with Auth SSL/TLS. I also wrote and maintain [CPAN Suggest]. My editor of choice is vim. I will learn anything to get the job done.

Current Projects


Using Microsoft Windows without a linux firewall is like wearing glass armor