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My Laptop

I gathered a bunch of info on my laptop, Fujitsu N3010. I've had alot of pc's but this laptop has it all. I sent it back under warrantee. I should get it back in 6-8 weeks. :(

David Davis aka Xantus

[My page on poe.perl.org] (Not as up-to-date)

I've built a few POE components, look on the [POE Components List] Also, I've released some modules on [CPAN]

See my ContactMe page for my number.

Modules I work on and maintain

Projects with a ** are being actively worked on
  • WWW::GMail
    • You can login, retrieve messages, list messages, and get contacts.
  • Trickster?
    • I've added on demand streaming, and multichannel support.
    • You can listen to another person's channel (thier list of music)
    • I've also added shoutcast multiplexing. ie, many listners for 1 stream
    • I've also added resampling. ie, you can listen to a 128kbit song at 64kbit (set by channel not listener)
  • POE::Component::EasyDBI
    • Yes, yet ANOTHER PoCo database interface in is in the wild. I wasn't satisifed with any of the others
    • It is based off [SimpleDBI] and it offers BIG differences:
      • Chunked queries: Say you request a query that will return 30,000 rows, You can set the chunk at 3,000 and you get 10 events with 3,000 rows each. A last_chunk key will let you know the query is finished.
      • Extra data passed in will be passed back (even on every chunk), (postbacks can be sent with the query)
      • More query types! Read the docs and you'll find out that you can get data back in ways that help you get things done faster.
    • Available on [CPAN]
  • POE::Component::Client::MSN
  • POE::Component::BitTorrent
    • File handling is complete, and peer protocol is done. Algorythm needs to be done.
    • [orclev] is working on Net::BitTorrent::Split or Slice
  • POE::Component::Gnutella
    • I've implemented the handshaking and ping/pong messages
  • POE::Component::NomadJukebox
    • It's a perl interface to libnjb using POE
  • WWW::Hotmail
    • I took over maintenance of this module, and made it work with m$'s new changes.
  • POE::Component::Server::MSN
    • It works with older clients only. (MSNP7) Before the https authentication.
    • Ask, and I'll send it to you.
  • Term::Visual
    • I've added mouse support (mouse wheel scrolling, ect) among other features. I'm working with the author on this one.
    • I fixed the word/line wrapping, and sent the patch to the author
    • I've got a patch from the author and I was working on tab completion.
  • POE::Component::Client::Asterisk::Manager
  • POE::Component::Player::Xmms
  • POE::Component::Server::SOCKS
    • I was interested in how SOCKS v5 works so I've made a component that doesn't work yet :)
    • ContactMe or send me a message on irc xantus/#poe/irc.perl.org if you want it
  • POE::Componet::Server::FTP
  • POE::Component::Talker
    • Re-loadable modules, and a room system was completed. It even has color.
    • Includes POE::Filter::Telnet
    • Contact me if you use this, please.
    • file:talker.tar.gz
  • POE::Component::Telephony::CTPort
    • POE version of Telephony::CTPort
    • It's on [CPAN]


Using Microsoft Windows without a linux firewall is like wearing glass armor